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Bithynia was an ancient region, kingdom and Roman province in the northwest of Asia Minor, adjoining the Propontis, the Thracian Bosporus and the Euxine ...

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Faces of Ancient Middle East Part 24 (Bithynia)

Bithynia According to ancient authors (Herodotus, Xenophon, Strabo, etc.), the Bithynians were an immigrant Thracian tribe. The existence of a tribe called Thyni ...

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How to pronounce Bithynia vid. My how to pronounce Bithynia vid will teach you how to say Bithynia 's name in the right pronunciation. If you want to learn how ...

Anatolian Costumes of Eastern Thrace, Mysia & Bithynia

The song is KΩNΣTANTINIA (Constantinia) from Guardians of Hellenism Vol. 5 Constantinople (Sea of Marmara, Bithynia). The singer is Tasos Aloupis. Anatolia ...


Bithynia Bithynia /bᵻˈθɪniə/; Greek Βιθυνία Bithynia was an ancient region, kingdom and Roman province in the northwest of Asia Minor, adjoining the ...


Bithynia Gasteropodes prosobranches.

Nicomedes IV of Bithynia

Nicomedes IV of Bithynia -Video is targeted to blind users Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA image source in video.

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It became a border region to the Seljuk Empire in the 13th century, and was eventually conquered by the Ottoman Turks in the 1330s. All text, either derivative ...



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camelus, harena, ebrius.

Lost in Life - Bithynia

SON Fest 08...part of one of Bithynias new songs.

Bithynia tentaculata baby feeding

Tiny baby aquatic snail of the species Bithynia tentaculata trying to scrape algae off the wall of an aquarium.

How To Say Bithynia

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bithynia spoof


Bithynia tentaculata habits


My Bithynia Story.mov

The Apostle Paul wanted badly to go to Bithynia (Asia), but each time he tried, God prevented him from going. Instead, God led him over to Troas (Europe), ...

Bithynia tentaculata

Zagrzebka pospolita.

Total War: Rome 2 - Sparta Pt.26 - Assault on Bithynia, Pontus

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6-24-2018 The Door of Bithynia Doors Part 1 #SouthsideSunday @iSouthsideCC


6-24-2018 The Door of Bithynia Doors Part 2 #SouthsideSunday @iSouthsideCC


Faucet snail (Bithynia tentaculata) movement on the surface tension of water

Filmed at Bemidji State Universities aquatic biology lab. The non-indigenous (North America) faucet snail is able to use surface tension of water to travel.

Bithynia Tentaculata


In Troas instead of Bithynia

Pastor Kenny Saylor Deliverance Church.

Hellenica Maps.398-397: Bithynian Thrace, Lampsacus, Chersonese, Caria


Bekir Günay The American Missionary School In İznik, Bithynia College


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